WENZHOU RFITRFID TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD(RFITRFID) is a Hightech enterprise, which aims at providing R&D production of RFID tags,a key-technology product of Internet of Things, and applied solution of RFID. It owns a lot of patents on RFID inventions. RFITRFID invented and owned the invention of Fragile Security RFID tag, which is characterized by cost-effectiveness, the most stable electrical capacity and is applied in the field of anti-fake and anti-dismantle glass tags.

    RFITRFID owns that equipment of a whole industrial chain from R&D and printing and composite of RFID tags and can independently finish the design, the R&D and the production of RFID tag. RFITRFID can provide series of products, such as, the most cost-effective anti-fake RFID tags, anti-fake RFID tickets, RFID clothing tags, and anti-corrosion tags.


The first meaning is that RFit consists of “R” and "Fit"."R" is the first letter of the English word "Right";RFid consists of “R” and "Fid"."R" is the first letter of the English word "Right";so the compound word “RFitRFidt” means "strengthening its foundation and developing appropriately"that is also the meaning of China expression "Feiding" (沸鼎).

The second meaning is that RFID technique moves beyond the category of ID,that is,identification,At present,RFID should be regarded as a kind of "IT", i.e. information technique.Although most application only needs a single ID,the range and scale of products and services with RF function indicate that the insiders in the RFID industry have already known that  

RFID tag is a component of a larger IT system.

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